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Most prominent feature of GGH is its security. We provide 24 hrs security . We have guards and our office been placed right outside the campus. No outsider is allowed to enter the premises of hostel. Only students parents / guardian recognized by students are allowed to meet up in the office.

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Fooding is another important aspect. GGH has its own mess which is managed by professionals to maintain taste, quality and hygiene. breakfast , lunch and dinner been served in the hostel only along with it students are given morning and evening tea. Buffet system been organized for the students.

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Staff Members

GGH has its team its team of trained staffs . 24 hrs experienced lady wardens been appointed with trained skill of nursing . Separate staffs for cleaning purpose and maintaining hygiene is available in campus itself.

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GGH has its unique way of communicating with parents/guardian. As accepting our responsibility we share our weekly feedback with parents to check there satisfaction with our performance and to make them known about there child routinal activities. Feedback is one of the most important methodology set to benefit both child and there parents by GGH.

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Rules & Regulations

It feels a great. We live here since 2 months. Proper environment of studies; its own mess to maintain good teste, quality and hygiene food; it feels secured.

Pritha Tiwari, B.B.A(1st year) Dr.C.V.R.U.

Bhoomika Patkar, C.S.E. (1st year)
Dr. C.V.R.U.


Inmates are not allowed to go out of the hostel after 8 pm in the evening.


Outsiders are not permitted to enter the hostel without permission of the hostel authorities.


6 months fees must be deposited in advance.


Monthly fees should be deposited within 1st to 5th of every month.


Any inmate may be expelled from the hostel without assigning any reason thereof.


All inmates must abide by the rules of the hostel.

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